About Infrastructure Dialogues


The Infrastructure Dialogues comprises a series of regular events and an interactive website highlighting relevant topics and issues within the infrastructure sector. The dialogues are held at the DBSA and selected delegates are invited to attend.  The format for the seminars is:

  • High level informed speakers who will present on the topic. There are generally three speakers per dialogue representing the private sector, the public sector and an academic/specialist.
  • A strong facilitator with knowledge of the topic being discussed.
  • Pre-circulation of a briefing note and relevant materials for the topic being discussed
  • Structured discussions around specific issues pertaining to the topic with a view to contributing to developing a common understanding and position within the sector.
  • A dialogue summary that sets out the issues raised and positions developed within the discussions.
  • An evaluation at the dialogue event and an opportunity to comment online after the event.
  • All materials are circulated via email and are available on the website to those registered.

All interested stakeholders are welcome to register to receive all materials, presentations, summaries and to continue the dialogues on the website


The purpose of the Infrastructure Dialogues is to provide a high level and regular platform for discussion and a sharing of views and perspectives between senior government, private sector and civil society stakeholders in the infrastructure sector.  The desired outcome of the collective outputs of the Dialogues is an improved climate for policy and decision-making, and strengthened cooperation within the Infrastructure Sector.


Participation in the dialogues will be by invitation per topic, but a wider group of interested stakeholders will be able to engage by receiving all the input documents, presentations and the discussions from the dialogue electronically.

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